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Unit Revelation is my sci-fi saga originally inspired by Fighting Forces; a series of drawings done in 1983/1984 with two close friends. In a sense, it was our own "Marvel meets Star Wars Universe" though none of us were, at that point, really into comics yet. By the time the 90's had arrived I was already deep into comics and, in fact, working at a comic shop. I wanted to flesh out what we had started almost a decade earlier so I began a weekly giveaway comic page called Balance of Power. From there it morphed into Revelation Club and ultimately Unit Revelation. Eventually I penciled and inked enough pages to create an actual ashcan comic to solicit the concept which I published in 1994. Several years passed and while I worked on the 5 issue mini-series every year to an extent, it wasn't until 2016 that I was finally able to complete and publish it. In the time I had been creating the graphic novel I had also written a Unit Revelation novel (and composed two soundtracks) to organize the story and characters in my head. The silly collection of 5 comics into a graphic novel (a labor of love that took over 20 years, which explains artistic continuity gaps) is perhaps more my attempt to get my characters on paper to make sure they were solidified as my own so the greater saga can eventually be properly revealed when opportunity allows.

In 1987 Jake Dust, along with 299 other scientists and specialists, took the offer of a lifetime: a five year contract living and working on a robotically constructed planet called Project Escape. What began as a peaceful operation supposedly designed to preserve the human race in the event of nuclear war eventually became a war-ravaged hell of robotic devastation, genetic exerimentations and technological darkness instigated by a tyrant called The Assassin. The Fighting Force Wars had begun. Following years of war on Project Escape, defeated and out of options, the last of the original specialist heroes send Jake Dust back to earth in a desperate search for help to reclaim the Project from its tyrannical leaders and return them all to earth. When Dust finally returns to earth in the new millennium, he finds that Project Escape is nothing more than an urban legend and evidence of it even existing is nowhere to be found. Ridiculed by society and authorities for his surreal claims of Project Escape’s desperate reality and history while hunted by the secret organization and Project Escape founder known as the Shreeve Corporation, Dust descends into hopelessness until Unit Revelation, a small band of extremely ridiculous and dysfunctional heroes, arrive from Project Escape and revitalize his cause to return to the Project with or without help. Led by the gruff, reluctant and spiritually struggling cyborg anthropomorphic called Catbox, Unit Revelation’s original goal of self preservation becomes a sacrifice to save the people of earth from an impending tyranny it does not even know exists while also revealing the true sinister intention of Project Escape's creation and purpose.


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