• Dan J. Schulte

Zone 1540

It's a rare thing and a true blessing when you meet someone in grade school and stay good friends over your entire lifetime. December, 1978: I was in the 4th grade living in sunny Palm Springs, Ca with mom and my bro and just beginning my two week Christmas vacation.

Before the end of that Christmas break I would be stepping off a plane into the freezing cold of Casper, WY to begin an unforgettable six year journey that would transform my life forever. I can still vividly remember the ice crunching under my feet as I walked from the plane to the terminal with my brother. Brrr!

4th grade continued at Garfield elementary just a few blocks away, the school I had gone to previously when I was in Kindergarten so I wasn't completely out of my element.

garfield elementary casper, wy
Garfield Elementary 2005

It was here in the second half of 4th grade I met Michael [Outgazer] whom I would share epic childhood adventures worthy of any major motion picture or TV series (but that is another story). Over the next several years we'd both share a connection of everything from Dungeons & Dragons, electronic music, film music, movies to MTV and video games.

In 1985, when the classic "Casper years" had come to an end, I ended up moving back to Palm Springs to finish high school but we both stayed in touch over the years. In 2005 I returned to Casper and got to see everyone whom I hadn't seen since a visit in 1987 and it was really like traveling back in a time machine. I suppose it was only natural as technology advanced to such a degree that we would compose an album together 17 years later despite living a thousand miles apart.

ZONE 1540 is our inevitable collaboration 43 years later that's full of inspiration from the electronic music we grew up listening to by electronic music pioneers such as Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter, Harold Faltermeyer, Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and Steve Roach.

Christmas 1978 Palm Springs, Ca

Why ZONE 1540? As destiny would have it we both shared the exact same address number one block over from each other. As to the album's theme? The homage is perhaps only obvious to any 70's/80's kid who had an awesome Christmas or birthday in the late 70's like we both did.

We hope you enjoy ZONE 1540's debut album available in June! It was a labor of love for us and hopefully only the beginning!