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Commercial music works over the years.


The Amityville Murders - Additional music and sound (2018)


Horror's Hallowed Grounds

A Return To Elm Street (2010)

Crystal Lake Memories

(sound and effects)


halloween returns to haddonfield cover.j

Soundtrack I did for the 2003 Returns To Haddonfield Halloween 25th anniversary convention in Pasadena. 500 compact disc copies exist; 400 numbered, 100 promos. Available on my Bandcamp page, remastered with 3 sweet bonus tracks!


Halloween 25 Years of Terror horror film documentary. Features music from the soundtrack HALLOWEEN RETURNS TO HADDONFIELD (2003)


The award-winning horror film documentary Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy features music from my albums GROUND RISING and HALLOWEEN RETURNS TO HADDONFIELD.

Some funky DJS/Local video store (Video Depot - Coachella Valley)  commission (2004)